Instincts in Collision 

Today’s one word Prompt – Instinct

Survival or Destruction, either or both for the large part are instinctive. But are they the same thing? Definitely both sides of the same coin that can be shared by opposing sides. But isn’t that where the problem lies… to have opposing sides we need some form of separation. But I’m starting to wonder is there such a thing?
Mankind has been ganging up on each other – brother against brother, neighbour against neighbour and stranger against stranger ever since we crawled out of the primordial ooze and first picked up a rock.

However, the Buddhists believe there is no separate self, that it is an illusion… We are one with all things.

Christians believe in the Holy Trinity, that the Father and Son are both the same and we are all connected to them by the Spirit.

The food chain delicately relies on each link surviving so others can consume it after it does likewise with another link lower placed in the chain. Without each other the chain breaks and we perish. We cant separate! But we are driven by instincts, its the way! Destruction and survival are necessary instincts in the great scheme of things, though we are top of the food chain so how come we need either? We don’t!

Let’s look at some of the most powerful instincts… the first has got to be a Mothers instinct, what’s that got to do with survival or destruction? Nothing… its all about nurturing!

The instinct of Procreation? All about pleasure nothing to do with survival, you have to be temporarily insane to actual want kids!

That brings me to Domination… both the need to and the need to be dominated, both insane, but some people actually enjoy that shit, they don’t feel complete without it in some form.
So what about this “some form of separation” that leads to opposing sides? If it really is an illusion how come it is felt so strongly all around the globe both by individuals and belief systems? Simple… so simple its staring us in the face but we cant see it. Its called Ego and it likes to hide or maybe even Hyde! Every human being has one and thats ok, just don’t give it a drink! Ego is nothing more than a desire to prove oneself right and the other person wrong, regardless of who is what. As far as instincts go its the black sheep of the family, the psychotic cousin locked in Grandmas attic, the squalling spoilt child that we cant help but lavish our attention on! It lives in the primitive leftover of the brain – the ‘amygdala’ and it forces all instincts into collision.

But if we take a step back and observe this “Raging Mr Hyde” we can see it for what it is, and thats nothing other than a need to be valued and appreciated more so than necessary. I mean how come the world actually functioned all those millennia without my most valuable contribution – a constantly correct opinion that is beneficial to all.
Its here where instinct really collides… Ego’s never ending desire to be appreciated as supreme! -vs- Love’s never ending appreciating of others, their faults and human frailties included! When these two share the same ring there will always ever only be “One Champ in the Camp.” Love is an instinct so powerful that it forgives ego, even entertains it and can laugh at it and with it

If instinct is the way, then Love leads… we instinctively need more of that.

Check out “Learned Instinct” by Author: Na’ama Yehuda for some very interesting words on the same topic.


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