Massive 180


Massive Explosion, Massive Light

Small Understanding

Massive Displacement

Small Efforts

Massive Fears

Small Steps

Massive Ego, Huge Inferiority Complex

Small Group

Massive Struggles

Small Period

Massive Events

Small Awakening

Massive Highs

Small Setback

Massive Lows

Small Fear, Uncertainty

Massive Responsibility’s

Small Faith

Massive Intake

Small Goals

Massive Break-ups

Small Change

Massive(ly) Lost

Large Progress

Massive Insanity

Large Empathy

Massive Currency, Massive Waste

Large Opportunities

Massive Train Crash

Large Circle

Massive Effort

Huge Humbling Experience

Massive Darkness

Massive Changes

Massive Jumping Off Point

Massive Manageability

Massive Decision

Massive Peace

Massive Surrender

Massive Journey

Massive Help

Massive Gratitude


Massive Awakenings, Massively Connected, Massive Fellowship

Massive 180 Change


2 thoughts on “Massive

    1. Haha I mean who in a sane frame of mind would think “it would be a good idea to bring somebody else into the world and be responsible for them” I wouldn’t have it any other way now, but sane? Temporarily!! 🙂


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