Wanna Write…?

Day 6 of the challenge asks for two things, both quite simple…

  • Describe what its like where you settle down to write
  • Ask readers to submit suggestions (through the contact page) for the Day 15 challenge. More on this later!

In Stephen King’s book ‘On Writing’ he dedicates a whole chapter to his set up that he spends the first 2 hours of his day in, every day! He describes his tried and tested routine that he sticks to year after year and the trial and era mistakes that led him to this permanent feature in his daily life.
I really get where he is coming from and like to follow his example when I can. I.e.; doors closed when writing, door open when editing. He ditched the big flash desk and replaced it with something small and cozy, I like that also. He likes to blast heavy metal music, I like peace and quiet. Whatever works. The difference between us (apart from the fact he is a literary legend and I’m a raw novice) is I cant find those 2 hours every morning. I have a morning routine of my own that has nothing to do with writing. A routine that has everything to do with preparing me to spend another day in this world occupied by those afflicted with the human sickness of been identified with their own mind, feeding there egos, and remaining totally unaware of their own insanity. God love them, they are completely oblivious to this, as is the other 7 billion whack jobs. It is my job to accept them as they are, without succumbing to the desire to educate them on this, or strangle them, whatever feels right at the time (accept the people I cant change, the courage to change the one I can and the wisdom to know its me). Listen.. I don’t profess to be any better, the thing is I’m aware of it and if I don’t put the preparation in before leaving the house then I will be drunk before the Sun goes down. I’ve spent enough time like that!

So I pound out a script normally on an evening. Sometimes on the desktop, other times on my iPad at the dining room table. Whatever feels most comfortable at the time. I’ve known me get most of it down on my phone when on a metro. During recent trips to New York City I’ve found myself juggling time between business, pleasure, attending Fellowship meetings and riding the subway train to and from wherever I needed to be. Naturally I would make the most of my time spent on trains putting together what I would post to the blog later that evening. It’s surprising how close I could get towards the finished article even with the chaos that is the NYC Metro system. It would feel invigorating to be writing seriously while all hell would break loose from time to time. I enjoyed it!

So thats how it goes for me. No routine cast in stone that I refuse to break, unlike those more dedicated and successful. I do have a regular set up that I like to use when the day allows it, as it presents itself. Whatever way it goes down I just like to roll with it and enjoy it. There is something about this that floats my boat and I intend to keep going. Not giving a fuck if anybody actually reads any of this… I do it for me! As my AA Sponsor says ‘Its all in the doing’, outcomes are non of my business! However if you are reading this then I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

That leads me to the second point on the list…

Between now and day 15 I would like you dear reader to forward a suggestion on what you would like me to write about. This could be on any topic or personal interest. It could have something to do with the blogs regular theme or nothing whatsoever to do with it. The choice is yours!

Please don’t post your suggestions on social media… Use the Contact Page!!!
This is to keep it real, nobody will be able to see who suggested what and so will have to keep their own ideas original. It can be as serious or funny as you like, however if its just downright childish it will be ignored. I will personally reply and give thanks to every individual who participates.

Thanks in advance. Click for  Contact  Page to send suggestions.

Interesting piece on why MyLaneMySpeed Writes!

D&O in Fresno



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