Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa
How’s it going big guy, you fully rested up yet? Tough winter huh! Thought I glimpsed ya Christmas Eve, it sort of looked like your mob but you were moving too quick for me to get a focus on for long. Somebody mentioned something about the International Space Station but my money was on you! How’s the beard, you like to trim it down as the weather warms up or keep it long as a fashion statement. Bet ya glad to get that suite off surely. Can’t see you vacationing in the Bahamas again wearing that thing. But leave the speedos out as well, those budgie smugglers are slightly unflattering to us heavier gentlemen.
Anyhow its been a while since I wrote you so thought I would drop a line just as a catch up. This ain’t some ‘Get in early list’ or any shit like that but now that I mention it… don’t mean to sound pushy but any news on that Scaletrix set from back in ’78? It never did seem to materialise and I’m pretty sure I avoided the Naughty List that year. Probably the last year that I wasn’t a contender for it I guess, started getting a little fucked up after that. Not in a big way at first, but you know how it goes… its always fun till somebody looses an eye! I don’t want you feeling bad or anything, like I said it had its fun moments. More in the early days with a few mini-tremors, less in the later days with a lot of mini- tsunamis and a couple of train wrecks thrown in for good measure. Its been a ride all the way and i wouldn’t change it. Every ‘Step’ of the way brought me to the here and now today. Its an awesome life and I’m glad to be riding the love train St Nick.

I thought maybe for a change you would like somebody write you a gratitude list of what they’ve already got instead of ‘gimme gimme gimme’. So here goes Santa, listen up…

I gotta start with the Steps/Program/Higher Power/Sponsor – & the whole Live Show! I know whatever I put before them is the first thing I loose when John Barlycorn moves into the spare room again. So they are Number 1 on the ‘Hit Parade’ all summer long!

Family – Decades in drink really just flew past and I wasn’t always (understatement) emotionally present at the best of times. I’m making the most of it now. I love them so much and enjoy every second of their company, every text message/phone call, photo opportunity. I appreciate massively every time they have been there for me in any and every way. They are Giants! I owe them big time and intend to deliver.

Health – Im not always in the best of shape and I’ve got a few long term issues but looking back I got off real lightly. Sometimes I think this body has had enough and the past has finally caught up, then… Boom!!! It bounces right back! I know that wont always be the case but it’s incredible will to keep on keeping on is more than impressive. Im truly grateful that me and it are on the same team.

Life & living it Awake – So much has happened these last 5 years, people have come in, people have left. I accept both as the natural order of change (something that no longer frightens me).
My experiences have been mind blowing, things I never even imagined doing.
Challenges and overcoming those that seemed to really kick the shit outa me, I thought I would never get back, little did I know I would be back stronger!
Been grateful for the tough as well as the smooth – Ying & Yang, they go together, complement each other!
My mind has opened to the immense infinity that is the Universe! That whatever Created it also set this Journey away. How close I was to sleeping right through it from cradle to the grave, that seriously would have been a fucked up mess. The gratitude I feel for ‘Waking Up’ is the driving force for me every day and I will continue to tap into it and keep growing.
Things that I would have previously took for guaranteed now mean something… A roof over my head, a circle of good friends, a job I enjoy and get something out of, interests that aren’t just rehashing of old ideas. The ability to laugh at myself – I still get crazy from time to time and take life serious, like thats gonna help any haha but thats ok.

As you can see there’s always a lot going on. Im even writing this now on a flight to Malta where myself and a good friend will soon be sunning it up for a few days. Yea your not alone in starting to outgrow the cold weather, but Im still game for a snowball fight if you fancy your chances come the end of December?
Only one thing I would ask for… my football team is in deep shit, don’t know how you’re supposed to change that but Im hoping you may ‘Know a Man who knows a Man’. I just cant bring myself to the whole 999 prayer shit anymore, theres just too many more worthy things that need some TLC.

That’s me, thats all I got to write today so I’m gonna leave it there Big fella. If theres anything I can do for you, or anything you would like me to write about, please use the ‘Contact Page’. Enjoy the Summer, wherever you are I hope its a Hot one for ya… you deserve it!

Here’s to Believing in Ya

D&O in Fresno (46 and a half years of age).


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